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Lite-ON premium optical disc drive DH-16AFSH-Premm, is a professional-use half height DVD drive. (H/H ODD) Using high quality OPU, Spindle motor and other key components, DH-16AFSH-Premm perform as a very high quality CD/DVD drive. It supports all popular CD and DVD discs in the market with very good disc compatibility and writing quality. Under the strongest support from our experienced and professional ODD team, LiteON premium drive can satisfy every special requirement and application of half height optical disc drive in the world.



  • Design to enhance the needs and functions of CD-ROM drive

    Target to improve in different key area such as usage, stability, special feature needs, component parts, and longevity of the product. In addition, it strives to meet different needs of different industries.

  • Process and quality enhancement

    Other than the design upgrade, as for the CD player manufacture process there is stronger quality control to ensure maximum product quality.

  • Support CD quality and Function

    Provide disk servo signal and burn in, and quality check function. - Servo signal check: include checking (FE) and (TE) - Burn in quality check: include Jitter, Beta, PIE, and POE.

  • Best system compatibility

    Aim for the needs of different industries, re-imagine the buffer manage control, thus improve the transfer between CD-ROM and host. Avoid the possibility of loss data by buffer manage.

  • Support overburn function