U-Reach 1 to 2 Standalone SD Flash Memory Drive Card Duplicator - Mini Series - SD300


U-Reach 1 to 2 Standalone SD Flash Memory Drive Card Duplicator - Mini Series - U-Reach eStore

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1. High speed copy up to 1.5GB/min.
2. Built-in with advanced multi-core processor.
3. Complete Standalone turnkey system; no computer required.
4. User-friendly interface and simple operation.
5. Support Synchronous and Asynchronous copy modes.
6. Can copy systems and files data only or the whole media.
7. Bit-for-bit hardware comparison for reliable duplication.
8. Provides a quick and full erase function that conforms to the DoD data security standards.
9. 3 formatting options. (Auto, FAT, and FAT32)
10. Real-time display of detailed information on a bright LCD screen
11. Supports all file formats, file sizes, and drive capacities.
12. Real-time copy and compare technology to ensure successful and complete copies.
13. Upgradeable firmware.
14. Lightweight and portable; powered by AC adapter or 4 AA's (batteries not included)


The Carry mini Flash duplicator is portable, standalone, high-speed, and convenient. It is used to easily copy data anytime and it quickly checks Flash device quality. The checking capability assists with identifying which Flash devices are defective. Capacity Check enables you to find out the real capacity of a Flash device and Speed measuring helps you to check each Flash devices reading and writing speed.

SD300 does not need PC support or any installation procedures. When the system is turned off, no data is left in it, so there is no risk of a virus infection. While switching on and off, it quickly boots up and shuts down, saving time. Its lightweight design and friendly interface allow easy operation for personal, office, and shop applications.