Product Warranty

U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. is not accountable for any incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to property harm, loss of time or data from the  use of a U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. product, or any other damages attributable to product malfunction or failure; including, without limitation to, those attributed to: (1) reliance of the materials provided, (2) costs of product replacement, (3) loss of use, data or profits, (4) delays or business interruptions, (5) any principle of legal responsibility arising from or in reference to the use, overall performance, (or from delays in service, or lack of the ability to render service of any U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. product). U-Reach makes every effort to ensure the proper operation of all products. However, the customer is responsible to affirm that the U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. product meets the customer's quality requirement. The customer further acknowledges that the fallacious operation of U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. products, software, and/or hardware issues can cause loss of data, defective formatting, or unreliable data loading. U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. will make efforts to resolve or repair any issues recognized by the customer either within the warranty period or on a time and materials basis.

By purchasing U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. Products, you have read and agreed to our policies, terms, and conditions. Customer agrees to pay all costs including attorney's and collection fees for delinquent accounts.

1. If the system has an expired warranty

a. If you want to proceed with repair(s), please send back the system and remark "expired warranty" on your RMA form. U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. will be required to collect a fee for the maintenance. If the customer does not wish the product to be maintained, U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. will collect an inspection fee for the product.
b. Please complete the RMA Form and enclose it with your package. All packages without an RMA form will be refused at the shipper’s cost.
c. The end-user will be responsible for 2-way shipping.

2. If the system is within warranty

a. Fill in the information, in detail, for the faulty product. Fax or e-mail the RMA request form to U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. and the customer will receive an RMA number (e-mail Proof of the original invoiced purchase date is required for warranty service.

b. Your invoiced purchase(s) must be through U-Reach Data Solutions Inc., our authorized resellers, or distributors; in order for the warranty to be valid. If you purchased from another regional market, you must send the machine back to the original seller that you purchased from.

c. If U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. finds the returned product is not defective, then an invoice will be issued to the customer for shipping and inspection fees.

3. If U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. discovers the product is returned without a S/N, the S/N sticker is damaged, or S/N is discrepant with the product. The product will be deemed as an expired warranty. Please see the warranty policy as above point 1.

4. If U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. discovers that the product is still in the warranty period, but is damaged by misuse, abuse, accidents, or inappropriate handling and installation. U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. will not be held responsible for the warranty service; there will be a mandatory repair fee charged.

5. Prior to shipping your RMA, please pack your product extremely well with anti-shock packaging. We highly recommend you use the original shipping box. If the product is damaged because of improper packing, U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc. will not be held responsible for the warranty service. The product will be deemed as an expired warranty. Please see the warranty policy as above point 1.
6. The customer is responsible for shipping the product back for RMA. We will take care of shipping the repaired or replaced product back to the customer.
7. Warranty Period
Duplicator Machines: 1 year
Adapters: 6 months
Sockets & Cables: 3 months
Any extended warranty option only applies to machines.