U-Reach 1 to 15 MTS-SAS Series SAS & SATA HDD/SSD Duplicator and Sanitizer - MTS1600-SAS


U-Reach 1 to 15 MTS-SAS Series SAS & SATA HDD/SSD Duplicator/Eraser - U-Reach eStore

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1) Supports both SAS & SATA interfaces at up to 18 GB/min *(Real performance depends on the HDD’s speed).
2) Systems & files copy mode supports Windows(FAT16/32/64, NTFS), Linux(ext2/ext3/ext4/LVM), and Mac(HFS, HFS+, HFSX.)
3) Data Sanitization: quick erase, full erase, secure erase, and DoD erase.
4) Open-platform Design supports multi-interface HDD/SSD.
5) Real-time PC monitoring
6) Supports 2.5", 3.5" SATA, ZIF HDD, SSD, IDE HDD, and SAS 
7) Log report management records all task details for better production management.
8) Supports SATA I/II/III and 4Kn HDD.