U-Reach 1 to 7 SD/MicroSD Card Duplicator and Sanitizer - Golden Series - SD908G

U-Reach 1 to 7 SD/MicroSD Card Duplicator and Sanitizer - Golden Series - U-Reach eStore

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  • High-speed copy supports up to 2GB/min per port
  • Ergonomic design for easy operation.
  • Quick socket swap module.
  • Apply new advanced Multi-Core processor.
  • Complete standalone system, no computer required.
  • Supports all formats, data sizes, and memory card capacity bit-for-bit copy.
  • DoD Erase function complies with USA Department of Defense (DoD) data security standard DoD 5220-22
  • 4 kinds of professional quality diagnostic tools for Flash module.
    • Capacity Check: Verifies the initial sector and the final sector of the connected flash device within 2 seconds.
    • H3 Read Only Test: This function tests the readability of every sector on the connected USB device(s) and provides an average read speed. This test will not alter the data on the device(s).
    • H5 Write/Read Test: Overwrites machine-generated values to all sectors in the NAND flash, and verifies them to determine quality. Once the test passes, the devices are then formatted into FAT.
    • H6 Quality Test: Resembling the H5 test, it overwrites machine-generated values only to the empty sectors without disturbing pre-existing data, partitions, and formats.
  • Quick data copy, copies only data contained areas.(Support FAT16/32, Linux ext2/ext3, NTFS)
  • 2-second format, 3 models available for selection.
  • Supports Synchronous and Asynchronous modes for the Copy/Compare/ Erase/ Format functions.
  • Strict bit-by-bit hardware comparison further increases the reliability of duplication.
  • User-friendly interface with real-time information LCD.
  • Firmware upgrade available with well-experienced team support.

Additional Features In Gold Series Models:

  • Event-log Reporting Function: Event Log Report is an important asset Management tool to assist users in monitoring and recording the whole duplication control process. The Event Log report records all details of each duplication task. For example, working time, run function, model number, serial number of media and results, etc.
  • Burn-in Test Function: To find out the durability of your Flash devices, you can select the Burn-In function. You can set how long and how many loops and the duration of the Burn-In test. The range of the Burn-In time is between 30 minutes to 30 days.
  • Write protect: The Write Protection gives you the ability to make your SD/microSD cards permanently read-only once they have been duplicated. This write protection affords the assurance that the data cannot be tampered with once it is written to the SD/MicroSD.
  • Dual Source Compare Mode (DSCM): Dual-source comparison mode can eliminate the chance of a duplication error caused by a worn or a source that is not 100% accurate. Use the first port as a copying source and use the second port as a backup/compare source. It will guarantee the highest reliability and 100% accuracy of the duplication process if your application demands it.