U-Reach CF 1-1 Portable Copier - Mini Series - CF121

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- Standalone design, no PC required for operation.
- Compatible with CompactFlash Card: Type I/II, CF1.0, CF2.0, CF3.0, CF4.0, CF4.1, CF5.0, and CF6.0.
- Peak transfer speeds up to 3.9GB/min. per port.
- Supports bit-by-bit copy for all formats, including proprietary and unknown formats.
- Data Sanitization: Quick Erase, Full Erase, and DoD Erase.
- Supports up to 2TB maximum capacity.
- Supports CFast devices through an optional adapter.


The new CF 1-1 duplicator was designed with diversified media compatibility and high-speed performance in mind. It not only flawlessly duplicates large-capacity targets, but it is also portable so that you can copy CF cards anywhere. The user-friendly interface offers stress-free operation with no steep learning curve to climb. Its ergonomic design facilitates efficient operation through simpler insertion and removal of flash cards and the new design allows for better space utilization.

The new CF 1-1 duplicator is not only an efficient duplicator but also has several ingenious smart device check functions such as: flash device quality check, real capacity check, speed check, and device formatting.

The new CF1-1 duplicator is an economical solution for data copy and distribution via CF cards. It contains smart, reliable and beneficial functions that provide an outstanding performance and quality that will save you time and money.