U-Reach 1 to 15 MTC series HDD/SSD Daisy-Chain High Speed Duplicator and Sanitizer - MTC1500F

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  • Hard Drive Duplication: 2.5" / 3.5" SATA, M.2 SATA/mSATA SSD, IDE.
  • Brand Unimportant: Master & target drives can be a different size, brand & model.
  • Data Transfer Rate: Cloning speeds up to 15GB/min.
  • Bad Sectors Handling: Auto skip up to 6000 error sectors on the HDD.
  • Auto Power Control: HDD is only powered ON during operation.
  • Modular Cable Design: When cables wear out, users can quickly swap them out, saving time and money.
  • 4 Copy Modes
    • Quick Copy Mode: The duplicator automatically copies only the data area, and supports Windows (FAT16/32/64/NTFS), Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4/LVM), and Mac (HFS/HFS+/HFSX).
    • Whole Media:: The duplicator copies from the initial sector to the end, bit by bit.
    • Device All Partitions: Copies or skips HPA, DCO, unknown partitions, modified formats
    • Device Percentage (%): Sets percentage of source capacity to copy.
  • Compare function: This allows you to verify the copy you just made is an exact duplicate ensuring no loss of data.
  • 4 Sanitization Functions
    • Full Erase: Erase all HDD Sectors.
    • DoD Erase: Complies with the U.S. Department of Defense's standard of erasing (DoD 5220.22).
    • Secure Erase: Erase content to NIST SP 800-88r1 compliant standards.
    • US Army AR 380-19 Erase: Erase devices(s) complying with Army Regulation 380-19 by the US Army.
  • Daisy Chain Technology: Achieve high-speed, synchronous duplication with targets on multiple connected machines without any speed degradation.